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hi….i’m Kayleen!

I am passionate about photography and it started when my dad took me out when I was 13 and taught me the basics of photography on his old 35 mm Minolta.  I can still remember the day and all of the things I took photos of.  The spark was ignited!  When I got to highschool I took a photography class asnd learned to develop film in a dark room, but it wasn't until college that the flame started to flare.  

My sophomore year of college is when I received my first "real" camera and I started taking photos immediatley. After I graduated from college and started working part time at my dream job I attended a Michael Buble concert - there is a bit more to this story ;) - and decided to make a Myspace (haha, I know) page to showcase my work.  

I learned how to make a real webiste eventually and my business has grown more than I could have ever imagined.  My passion for capturing your life's greatest moments in the most beautiful way I can grows with every day. I still love that I learn new things every session I go on.  I am so grateful for my amazing clients who have grown with me over the years!  I am her becasue of you all.  You are all amazing!  For those of you taking a look at my work for the first time, I hope to meet you asoon :)